July 2020

Well, here we are with another show during the ‘Rona’, all intended to make you smile with some cheery musical numbers for your pleasure. An awful lot of effort goes into recording an episode as I’m sure you know, and I adore researching, pouring over notes, piling through tunes and internet pages to knock one together. The problem is I need to get the show ‘out there’ and grow the fan base to help make it a better show. As it’s run on a non-profit basis all expenditure falls on myself. Again, this is fine as my passion for doing it makes it worth the price. However, it would be very useful if I could get my fingers in a few pies to help with materials, tunes, bookings for events etc. So, if at all possible, could you please spread the word, share the show, and blow my horn for me lol. Thanks very much in advance and enjoy the show.



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